99 to 1


99 to 1 started out as a reactionary project from the 2011 OCCUPY movements. It started as a way to legitimze the movement as a movement for all, not just for the recently graduated, unemployed, and/or "hippie" types. 99 to 1 was meant to show the diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, & socio-economic class.

As OCCUPY began to wane, the project began to shift focus. It repurposed its efforts from only depicting OCCUPY demonstrators, to becoming the visual voice for those that fell under the newly coined term, "the 99%". It was this refocus that led the project to many new places: Chicago(IL), Milwaukee(WI), Washington D.C., Freeport(IL), Portland(OR), & Seattle(WA) to name a few.


A special thanks goes out to the people that helped in the making of this project. The project took a total of 1 year to complete, but it cannot compare to the years of struggle that we, the 99%, continue to overcome.

This work is dedicated to the 99%.